3D tiles are nothing new to the tiling industry. They have been available in the market for a couple of years now. However, the best thing about this type of tiles is their constant progression. 2018 is nearly half way gone, and already we have seen some amazing 3D tile trends play out.  

Advancement in technology and innovation has enabled tile manufacturers to create more exciting variants of the three dimensional tile. This constant innovation has given designers the opportunity to experiment beyond the borders and limitations of normal tiles. Thanks to the 3D tiles, the options are nearly limitless for interior designers, remodelers, and homeowners.

3D tiles are such a big hit in homes and offices because of the architectural beauty, diversity, and depth they bring to a room. When you incorporate 3D tiles anywhere, whether it is in the office or your kitchen or living room, you can expect a more intense tactility, and texture, as well as a greater aesthetic appeal of the entire room. In many ways, 3D tiles are exceptional art tiles that are changing the way we envision interior decoration.

The 3D trends making headlines in 2018

  • The Geometric 3D Tiles 

This is a perfect choice for designers and homeowners who prefer the versatility, complex patterns, and the clean grout lines of geometrically patterned tiles. Majority of these tiles do not strictly adhere to geometric shapes. Rather, the installers cleverly arrange normal shaped rectangular or square tiles in a manner that gives them a geometric appearance. 

Now, with 3D geometric tiles, designers can create patterns that are striking, unique, and impressive. These tiles can also create unique abstract features for your wall and floor. With these 3D tiles, there are more ways to arrange the tiles in order to create an infinite number of geometrical shapes while still maintaining the clean lines of normal, two-dimensional tiles. 

  • 3D Landscape Tiles

Yes, people are literally turning their kitchen and bathroom floors into oceans or idyllic beach scenes thanks to the 3D landscape tiles. Designers incorporate several transparent layers as well as multiple angled photos to create life-like beautiful landscapes for homeowners. The realness of these created landscapes is often breath taking and that is why many people are investing several thousands of dollars to have these 3D tiles in their homes. 

Most people go for serene underwater sceneries when they are looking to create landscapes on their floors or walls using 3D tiles. Such underwater features include fish, dolphins, and coral reefs. However, some homeowners go for particularly jaw dropping landscapes such as a collapsing floor or a shark’s ajar mouth. 

Benefits of 3D tiles

The above are just a few of the many trends that 3D tiles have brought to the industry. Why are 3D tiles so popular in the market?

The most obvious reason is their visual appeal. The main reason manufacturers are making these types of tiles and designers are using them is because they understand how visually impactful these tiles are to customers. That is the same reason customers have fallen head over heels with these tiles. 3D tiles are able to create breathtaking visual effects that can take a drab room to a whole other level. 

Furthermore, by creating stunningly beautiful effects, the tiles can solve a mirage of interior designing problems in a room owing to their alluring aesthetic appeal. For instance, you can visually increase the size of a room with 3D tiles. The designer’s imagination is boundless when using the 3D tiles, and the observer’s eye will be focused on this masterpiece rather than on the size of the room. 

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